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October Schedule

Is this really the last week of September? Guess time does fly by when you're having fun. That means it's time for the October schedule. We are fortunate to have our Gilbert's gig still on the schedule. They have been tireless in their recovery efforts, and Gilbert's will be open in time for our appearance there on October 13th.

Beyond Gilbert's, we're back on track for our 1st Friday of the month party at Little Hoolie's. We'll be at the Glades Club celebrating Tony Santoli's birthday. We make another stop in Broward at Xtreme. And we end the month with the annual Scully's Halloween bash. Lot's of memories to be made. LET'S DO THIS!!

Friday Oct 6th Little Hoolie's

Saturday Oct 7th Xtreme Action Park

Friday Oct 13th Gilbert's

Sunday Oct 15th Glades Club

Saturday Oct 28th Scully's

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