The Band

Brett Brown

Lead Vocals / Bass / Drums

There is no other way to put this: Brett is a star. His gripping vocals and boundless energy make Brett one of the best performers in South Florida. Brett’s musical legacy began as a teenager with his brother Willie, and their first band, “Today, Tomorrow and Forever”, who were signed to “The Bee Gees” record label RSO. Brett has gone on to work with a variety of different artists, and his own musical projects before coming to The Mojo Scoundrels. Brett also brings superb musical diversity as well. His mastery of the bass and drums is awe inspiring. As a seasoned performer, Brett can work a crowd like no other, and his onstage persona is second to none. Just get him onstage and let the magic begin.


Bryah Brown

Lead Vocals

As the youngest Scoundrel, Bryah’s youthful exuberance brings vitality and spirit to the band. Despite her youth, Bryah is the consummate professional. Growing up in a musical family, Bryah knows what it takes to be successful onstage. Bryah can tackle and bring home the most difficult vocal arrangements with a driving force that very few singers possess. Bryah’s presence and importance to the band is immeasurable.


Willie Brown


Willie’s addition to the band two years ago has been monumental. Willie is the musical force within the band. His natural talent provides the band tremendous strength. Willie’s musical career began at age 16 with his brother Brett and their first group, “Today, Tomorrow, and Forever” which was signed to RSO Records. Willie later co-wrote Will To Power’s song “Show Me The Way”. Willie is a seasoned pro who has toured extensively around the world, and brings a wealth of experience to The Mojo Scoundrels.


Huey Samuel II

Bass / Vocals

What can you say about Huey? This man has to be seen to be believed. Huey did not receive his “ultimate showman” moniker by accident. As a twenty five year veteran of the South Florida music scene, Huey has performed and worked with an impressive list of artists. He sets the groove down and holds it like no other. One of Huey’s great assets is his ability to work the crowd. He has left many a dance floor torched after taking it over and owning it. Huey’s skill and spontaneous flare keep The Mojo Scoundrels fresh and unpredictable.


Robert Zisook

Guitars / Vocals

Mr Dependable. When you absolutely need that correct guitar sound for a song, Robert will deliver. After learning his craft in Chicago, Robert moved to Miami and began several bands over the years. From performing in all areas of musical soundscapes, Robert has settled into the stabilizing presence of the band. Robert knows what the guitar should do, and makes it happen with style.


Mike Slichter

Drums / Vocals

Someone has to bring all these elements together and harness them. With a beat that just won’t stop, Mike locks down the groove with an infectious zeal honed by thirty years in the music business. Mike just loves to play, and it shows in every performance.